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    Due to the shortage of cyclohexamine, and other amines, we were wondering what products you would use with a similar distribution ratio to cyclo? ------------------------------ Art Green President Alpha Labs, Inc. [Lubbock] TX (806) 744-1960 ------ ...

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    RE: Feed Water pH

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    Thanks all for the responses. It appears to be a venting issue. The vent pipe leaves the boiler horizontally, approximately 4' outside of the building there is a 90 degree elbow going straight up and the line isn't insulated. I believe water is condensing ...

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    Did you ever resolve this low feedwater pH issue, Casey?  I'm be curious to know what was happening. ------------------------------ James McDonald, PE, CWT Technology & Marketing Manager Chem-Aqua, Inc. Irving, TX (937) 689-4031 -------------------- ...

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